Last Minute Gift Idea For Valentine's Day


At A Modern Website, we like to use video to tell a story. Stories help our clients engage with those who matter most in a simple, entertaining way.

This year for Valentine’s Day, I’d like to help you make a high quality video that is sure to impress. And it will only take you 10 minutes!

The modern web offers numerous video editing solutions, but since time is of the essence, we’ll use Magisto for this Valentine’s Day project. Magisto’s cloud based editing software will analyze your video and in minutes render a professionally edited video, featuring only your best footage.

Happy Valentine's Day

Make a Romantic Video In 3 Easy Steps

First, let's pull all those Fun, memorable video clips that are saved on your phone, tablet or computer and upload them to Magisto's secure interface. When it comes to privacy, Magisto keeps your videos private unless you choose to make them public.

Below are three easy steps illustrating how to upload your footage to Magisto.

1. Select Your Videos

picking out best videos to share our love

2. Pick a Song

selecting a valentine's day song

3. Title Your Video

choosing a title for my valentine's day video

Happy Valentine's Day Video (using Magisto)

Magisto does all of the heavy lifting once you have successfully uploaded your Valentine’s Day footage, song, and title.

Below are the links to get Magisto along with an example that I made for just you.

Magisto offers iPhone and Android apps.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

- Kyle Benham

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